Vuyisile Majola

Vuyisile Majola

Head – SANTACO Gauteng Business, SANTACO

This is a streamlined synopsis and glimpse into her career and experience gained in different organizations.  

Working for these organizations has allowed her to take on a myriad of different roles every day, if not every hour. She is the  operations officer by morning, the CFO analyzing budgets over lunch, the BI analyst and strategist by evening. These roles have enabled her to create and maintain valuable networks with professionals in both the public and private sectors. 

Currently, she is embracing the challenge of driving transformation in the Mini-bus Taxi industry using technology driven innovations for integrated mobility solutions. One  key milestone being the successful launch of the “connected taxi” at the 2018 Taxi Conference in a strategic partnership with CISCO. 

She has acquired expertise in the implementation of effective methods and strategies to execute efficient integrated and interactive operations plans, which is informed by a bird’s eye view of the entire organization. 

Her entrepreneurial run in the smart mobility sector - Locomute  coupled with her role as financial accountant for the Stuttafords group- allows her to apply the rigidness required when adopting and implementing strategies. A more candid approach to managing growth through creative innovative trouble shooting, she attributes to her passion for innovative technologies. 

While her work experience is eclectic— it all boils down to one task: driving organizational objectives and goals through innovative, interactive and integrated strategies.



Frost and Sullivan best practice 2016 – 

Visionary Innovation Leadership