Victor Radebe

Victor Radebe

Executive Director, Mobility Centre for Africa

Victor is the Founder of Mobility Centre for Africa (NPC) a non-profit company that is dedicated advocating for and researching future mobility solutions for South Africa. Having worked on some transportation and aviation-related projects like the Ekurhuleni and Durban aerotropolis projects, Victor believes that building efficiencies in global travel requires improvements of the first and last mile of air travel. 

The need to improve this ground mobility was the motivation behind his founding of the Mobility Centre for Africa (NPC).  Through this entity, Victor plans to make a meaningful contribution to solving South Africa’s most wicked transport and mobility problems, viz., road crashes, emissions, congestion and affordability. Victor is a futurist who believes that solving these problems lies in seeking to understand the drivers of change that are being enabled by some of the emerging Industry 4.0 technologies like AI, IoT, Big Data, Blockchain, Sharing Economy, etc. 

As the Director at MCA is the corporate author of the 2040 Scenarios on the Future of Mobility in South Africa. This position paper has been developed with help of industry, government experts and academics. In the business front, Victor has founded Mzansi Aerospace Technologies, a drone technology and consulting start-up company. Victor also serves as a co-convener of R & D Workstream of the ICASA’s 5G Forum.

Victor studied B Comm at Wits, a Post-graduate Diploma in Management at UKZN and has just completed his MBA studies from Wits Business School. As part of this MBA, Victor wrote his research article on the Effect of Shared Mobility on Private Car Ownership in South Africa.