Valerie Geen

Valerie Geen

Energy Advisor, UNIDO
South Africa

Valerie is a Senior Energy Advisor who has extensive leadership experience in the areas of Sustainability, Climate Change and Energy, Stakeholder Management and Education and Skills Development. She led the Energy Efficiency Leadership Network for Big Business in SA for over 10 years as Head of Energy and at the National Business Initiative. Through her contributions, she has advanced the Sustainability and Clean Energy profession in the private sector. Her recent advisory role at the United Nations Industrial Development Organisation (UNIDO) has included providing strategic and advisory support to UNIDO projects which included Industrial Energy Efficiency, Low Carbon Transport and the Global Clean Tech Innovation Programme. She is currently pursuing a Masters in Management of Energy Leadership (MMEL) at the Wits Business school with intention to complete her thesis on advancing electric mobility. She has won numerous awards for her leadership and implementation of substantial Climate and Energy programmes between government and the private sector.