Grant Hancock

Grant Hancock

Managing Director, Liveable City
South Africa
Grant Hancock is the founder and managing director of Liveable City.
Liveable City is a non-profit company based in Port Elizabeth focused on changing the way our
cities are planned, and infrastructure provided, to improve how our urban spaces function for
their residents. The initiative is particularly focused on urban mobility and the issues of cycling
and pedestrian infrastructure and safety.
Grant Hancock has over 8 years of experience in the field of development economics. Working
across the country and in various contexts, Grant has developed deep insight into the public
planning process and the challenges involved in approaching urban development.
Grant is using his experience in the planning environment to develop a platform for discussion
and collaboration between public and private stakeholders in the planning and design of our
urban spaces, settlements, transport networks, and public infrastructure.
Grant has a B.Com Honours degree in Economics from the Nelson Mandela University.