Gail Jennings

Gail Jennings

Research Consultant in Transportation

I am an independent research consultant (social scientist) working within the sustainable public and non-motorized transport, public health, and urban space. Much of my published work focuses on the social impact of transportation and urban interventions, paratransit service improvements, and strategies for shifting travel behaviour to more sustainable modes and patterns.

Recent research projects include the assessment of the barriers and challenges to implementing electric public transport in South Africa, and to implementing low-carbon transport measures in terms of the Paris Agreement targets in Nigeria, Rwanda, Ghana, Uganda, Kenya and South Africa.

I have a certificate in Sustainable Transport Planning from the University of Washington (Seattle) and am a PhD Candidate at the Centre for Transport Studies, Department of Civil Engineering, University of Cape Town. I also have a Masters in Critical Linguistics (investigating the narratives around marketing of transportation modes and transport behaviour).