Frans Nortje

Frans Nortje

Import / Export Specialist, CSIR
South Africa
Frans has worked at the CSIR for the past 30 years, taking care of all their international trade,
(imports and exports). He has various certifications in Import/Export management and international trade. He is currently working on his advanced certificate in Occupationally Directed Education, Training and Development Practices.
Frans specialises in speaking on international trade focusing on imports, exports, the customs
processes associated with it, legislation, the transport modes and lessons learnt from the industry
for corporates (big and small), for entrepreneurs and people in the industry. Some variations on this topic is the current situation and the future of the international trade arena, (imports, exports and the logistics/modes of transport applicable.) He is a professional speaker and a member of the South African Professional Speaking Association (SAPSA), the Pretoria Chapter PSA. He is also a Distinguished Toastmaster (DTM), the highest qualification one can obtain in Toastmasters International. He acts as a freelance facilitator, facilitating imports/exports and on all subjects related to the Import/export cycle and a TETA accredited assessor and moderator.
Other speaking topics include “how to become a better speaker”, he is a qualified speech coach,
coaching facilitators, presenters, speakers, lecturers, youth, entrepreneurs and business leaders. He runs various speaking courses for young and old.