Cindy Smith

Cindy Smith

CEO, Hala Motors
South Africa

An accomplished leader of people, Cindy has documented some phenomenal white papers, including titles such as understanding Generation gaps in the workplace. 

She has also written articles for the Common Wealth Magazine, which solely focused on the role of the Competitions Commission and the Competitions Tribunal in South Africa regarding historically disadvantaged South Africans in entrepreneurship. Known to be among one the most flexible leaders of our time, Cindy has left her footprint in the lives of many people, and across numerous diverse industries during her working career. Cindy's expertise include turnaround strategy, business process improvement/redesign, operations cost management, technology assessment and system selection, business continuity/disaster recovery planning, risk management, and operations strategy, among many others. 

Cindy’s skills extend as far as managing all aspects of consulting association. Her associations include leaders in financial services, liquid fuels, technology, research and development, and public sector/not-for-profit organizations. She has held various positions including General Management and Executive roles at various companies in Facilities Management, Banking and Medical Insurance industries as well as Contact Centre Outsourcing Companies and the Liquid Fuels industry. Ms Smith’s expertise have now expanded into the Electric Vehicle (EV) industry, where she and her team are currently making great strides in establishing highly efficient EV trades and services in South Africa.