Arek Lis

Arek Lis

Freelancer, REAfrica-Solution

In 2009, Arek Lis journey began in the field of climate Change research at the Baltic Sea Research Institute Warnemünde Germany. Under the Genius Project ( Geochemistry and Ecology of the Namibian upwelling System)  he got his first results and experience in Africa. With this experience and knowledge he start a long term adventures which lasts until now. With less money and high motivated , his first target in 2011 was South Africa and Botswana to  develop sustainable tourism and use of renewable energies in this sector. Since the beginning of his journey, Arek Lis has been involved with REAfrica. Solution in processes that have revolutionized the renewal energy sector in Africa. His new vision and passion is the use of electric mobility for every person in Africa.

People create their own barriers within themselves the Electrical Vehicle isn’t a barrier it’s their Thinking 

Comment form Arkady Fiedler Electric Explorer African Challenge 2018 he cross as the first human the African Continent with a Electrical car.