Andy Le May

Andy Le May

CEO and founder , EWIZZ electric vehicles

Andy is the CEO and founder of EWIZZ electric vehicles, a Cape Town based organisation who’s mission is to drive the shift to smaller, more efficient, zero emission electric mobility in Africa.

Andy graduated with an honours degree in Computer Science in 1988 and has worked in various technical and customer facing roles in the UK IT industry for 16 years. At the end of 2004 he was Marketing Director for a UK IT PLC, a nice position, prospects and salary, but it wasn’t enough. He had become aware of the serious social and environmental issues occurring in the world and felt he had to try and do something about them.

He moved to SA at the end of 2006 and in 2008 started a sustainability consultancy to help drive more sustainable thinking and practices within the corporate, government and private sector in SA.  During this time he purchases an electric scooter and used it around Sea Point.  He loved it so much that in 2013 he started EWIZZ to offer practical and cost effective electric scooters to the South African market. EWIZZ not only imports electric scooters but is also developing EV technology locally. EWIZZ scooters now offer vehicles with equivalent power up to 400cc, 120 km/h and 350 km range. Easily enough for most peoples commuting requirements.