Amanda Ngabirano

Amanda Ngabirano

Urban Planner & Lecturer, Makerere University
South Africa
Ms Amanda Ngabirano is a popular passionate urban and regional planner, and lecturer at Makerere University in Kampala-Uganda. She is a great speaker who never leaves her audience the same. Notably, Amanda loves her bicycle and is one of the few women who ride their bicycles in the busy streets of Kampala. She studied Bachelor of Urban Planning at Makerere University, Kampala and a Master of Science in Urban and Regional Planning and Development, at Saxion University, Netherlands, and University of Greenwich, United Kingdom. Ms Amanda has a great passion, skill & experience in orderly and planned physical development for sustainability, vitality and inclusiveness. She is currently coordinating the regional urban mobility project for sustainable and inclusive transport for Kenya and Uganda. She is also the African partner for Move Mobility. ( She is great at networking and forming synergies, given her international exposure, the multi-sectoral and multi-dimensional nature of her profession. She has an enviable experience in communicating complex and new concepts to different categories of people.. Ms Amanda is one of the active urban and regional planning lecturers at Makerere University, always seeking to link theory and practice. In terms of urban mobility, Amanda believes African cities can leapfrog development, without necessarily shocking the social set-up, but improve the functionality of our cities.