Smarter Mobility Africa 2019



Smarter Mobility to Achieve Liveable Cities

01 Oct 2019
Sun Arena
Globally we are starting to better understand the negative consequences of living in cities that are polluted, noisy, congested, and in some cases, inaccessible to certain groups of people. This has placed greater emphasis on the need to drive smarter mobility solutions to ensure that products and people can get from A to B without adding to congestion, air pollution, carbon emissions, and cost. In this session we will identify the drivers which define the need for a new approach for smarter mobility to achieve liveable cities, assess the challenges of developing a liveable city, the role of big data to achieve smarter mobility and how smart mobility can lead to more efficient use of transport infrastructure.
Gail Jennings, Research Consultant in Transportation
Marita Walther, Journalist - Co-founder - Suncycles
Amanda Ngabirano, Urban Planner & Lecturer - Makerere University
Grant Hancock, Managing Director - Liveable City
Johan Muller, Chief Commercial Officer - GoMetro