Smarter Mobility Africa 2019



Powering the Future of Mobility : Innovation within the Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure Ecosystem

02 Oct 2019
The expansion of electric vehicle charging infrastructure is an important part of electric vehicle adoption. From the end user’s point of view, the first buy-in into electric vehicle use depends on a number of things, such as the availability, reliability and distribution of charging stations, the time spent on charging an electric vehicle, as well as the source of electric power to recharge. In this session we assess whether infrastructure is holding the market back, the current and future electric vehicle charging technologies; which business models would drive the acceleration of electric vehicle adoption and how electric power supply and the Electric Vehicle Service Equipment sectors can prepare for their critical roles in the new electric mobility ecosystem.
Ben Pullen, Founder - Generation.e
Sam Aliwaye, CEO - GreenParking
Hiten Parmar, Director of national eMobility Programme - uYilo
Marco Rahner, Head of Technical Sales - Siemens South Africa
Brian Hastie , Operations Director - Jaguar Landrover