Smarter Mobility Africa 2019



Affordable, inclusive and smarter mobility

02 Oct 2019
Africa has the opportunity to be at the forefront of green growth and low-carbon industrialisation by pioneering new technologies and taking quantum leaps towards the economy of the future. We’ll be analysing the total cost of ownership of mobility options for the end user, and for the country and continent to understand how to transition to inclusive, affordable and smarter mobility that also contributes to mitigating climate change and negative health impacts.. In doing so a range of affordable transport options will be examined.
Fanie Pretorius, Managing Director - African Engineurs
Shantha Bloemen, Founding director - Mobility for Africa
Andy Le May, CEO and founder - EWIZZ electric vehicles
Filip Gardler, Founder and CEO - Opibus
Carel Snyman, Director - Carel Snyman Consulting
Neil du Preez, Founder - Mellowcabs
Remeredzai Kuhudzai, Founder - Electric Drive Africa