Programme Themes


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Programme Themes

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Public Transport


Demonstrating integrated and large-scale deployment of clean mass transit for cities to provide reliable, affordable, and sustainable transport for all, whilst achieving climate change mitigation targets

Regulation & Policy

Regulation & Policy

Assessing the potential for long-term sustainable mobility that is inclusive and reductions of transport-related GHG emissions



EM Meeting

Visualising electric vehicles as a foundation for building smarter mobility options




Infrastructure & Energy

Assessing the needs of infrastructure for a successful uptake of electric vehicles, whilst exploring the relationship infrastructure plays with energy systems through smart charging

Future of the Automotive Industry


Understanding the shift in end user expectations and what that means for the automotive industry, and how they plan to evolve to serve the changing needs and expectations

Fleet Management

Future Mobility

New products, services, and business models all provide fleet managers with opportunities to become more efficient and to off increased value to the end users. In doing this emission can be reduced

Liveable Cities

Future Cities

Creating cities and future mobility options to reduce the need for private vehicles


Micro Mobility

Embracing innovation in electric scooters and bicycles as a solution for the “last mile” problem in cities.

Air Quality & Environment


Improving on measures to combat air pollution and climate change from the transport sector

Startups & Disruptions

Start Up & Disruption

Newcomers in the industry disrupting mobility ecosystem with technological innovation and change in social behaviour

Last Mile Delivery


Innovating the ecosystem that brings a variety of goods to consumers’ doorsteps

Efficiency in Freight

Efficiency In Freight

Regulating efficient distribution of goods vital to the economic development, the environment and the liveability of city centres

Shared Mobility

Shared Mobility

On demand sharing of vehicles, from carsharing and bikesharing to dynamic, IT-enabled shuttle services and carpooling

Business Models

business model

Exploring innovative business models and partnership strategies along the EV value chain