• Six steps to speed up Electric Vehicle adoption in South Africa

    25 Jun 2019 This article is brought to you by AAEP
    The incentives to go green when it comes to cars are abundant and clear, with the most obvious being their carbon savings. EVs are calculated to have approximately half the carbon footprint of an equi ...
  • The electric-vehicle revolution is gathering momentum in South Africa, with modest beginnings starting to blossom into a full-on movement – something that will be catalysed even further by EVRT Africa ...
  • There are three main areas of influence that can speed up the transition to smart mobility in South Africa: policy, infrastructure and investment. Read on for a break down of the roadmap to aiding the
  • 3 Intrepid EV Explorers

    01 May 2019 Rebecca Cooke
    Check out these intrepid EV explorers who conquered the globe one EV charging port at a time.
  • Rather than placing extra strain on power supplies and causing load shedding, EVs have an important role to play in the future of electricity.
  • This evening I attended a cool and very underground launch event for a product that I have personally been waiting for for a long time! It was hosted in a basement of 51 Poland St. which was accessibl ...
  • EVs by design are less complex to build than their ICE counterpart, as they have fewer parts to manufacture. However, the most expensive component of an EV is the battery.
  • Demystifying EVs - Part 2

    08 Jun 2018 Afeez Kay
    This is our second piece about the misleading information and propaganda about EVs. In this blog, we will look at performance and EVs’ real impact on the environment. In a nutshell, EVs are a lot more
  • Demystifying EVs - Part 1

    08 Jun 2018 Afeez Kay
    In the modern world where some of the news you see on TV and in the newspaper is possibly fake, you’d not be surprised to hear that much of what you hear about electric vehicles (EVs) is utter rubbish